Monday, January 17, 2022

Learning with the Schoolhouse Sampler

About time for a mid-month update on my Schoolhouse Sampler, right?  I've been stitching with a double thread, like I mentioned before, and have really been liking that look. I've also learned a new way to do chain stitch(!) which I can't stop doing, now that I've learned it; and to use a miliner's needle to do French knots. Lightbulb!

I've also been noticing that lots of participants are covering every bit of white fabric in those boxes on the left.  I had no idea, as I'd been strictly following the lines, so to speak. So I may revisit some of them at least. (Confession: I'm already working on filling in my rainbow!) Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the handwork very much. As a daily practice, this sampler with Rebecca Ringquist's daily videos, can't be beat.


  1. Thanks for the info on Rebecca! I could use a lesson or two...I think Ronnie Finance needs a lesson on something else- lol

  2. It sounds like it's been a really valuable experience; hooray for picking up new tips and tools!

  3. Oh wow, it’s looking lovely with all those bright colors. Chain stitch is so much fun to do, I get the addiction.