Thursday, January 27, 2022

Inside Out Patchwork Hearts

When I joined Emily DennisPatchwork Hearts QALI had in mind to sew a few blocks a week and have the baby-sized quilt done in mid-February, forcusing primarily on other projects I already had going. Well that all changed once I began piecing the scrappy blocks. The repetition of the same precision block over and over just isn't really my favorite kind of sewing right now. So at some point I just decided to get past the piecing of the blocks, and made all 22 of them in just a few sewing sessions.

By the time I got the quilt top finished, I was gung ho to just finish the quilt, and forgot to even take a photo of the quilt top before moving on to make a backing and getting the sandwich basted!

I made quick work of the quilting, using the serpentine stitch on my back-up machine before I stored it away, my JUKI having just returned home from servicing. With the quilt being so small (45" x 45") and the quilting 2" apart, I was ready to sew on binding in no time.

Emily calls this version of her Patchwork Hearts pattern an inside out heart quilt, and it called to me the first time I saw it, with the backgrounds of the heart blocks in scrappy low-volume prints. I took it a step further and made the hearts super scrappy too.

It feels good to have a small finish + a gift at the ready. AND this one obviously fit well into my 50 Days of Scraps! Makes me anxious to use more!


  1. Beautiful finish and a quilt that I am sure is going to be loved and appreciated. I look forward to seeing what this finish frees you up to explore/create with more of your scraps!

  2. Delightful for this time of the year and great finish.
    Lots of scraps were used!

  3. A great scrappy heart quilt! How fun to read your story of how it came to be finished in January. It’s so easy to get caught up in the progress of a project and not even think of taking some progress photos for a blog post. It turned out to be a very sweet looking hearts quilt.

  4. I love your patchwork hearts quilt! And the backing is awesome. Congrats on this beautiful finish :) xo

  5. I completely understand not being interested in repetitively making quilt blocks especially because I, personally, do not care for hearts (though your quilt is lovely!) You made quick work of a pretty project, with your colors and your quilting. No doubt you will find a well-deserving family/child to gift this to.