Tuesday, January 18, 2022

50 Days + Primary Color Challenge

So back in December I mentioned starting another 50 (or 100?) Days of Scraps, and two things about that: 

1) I settled on 50 days because it felt manageable AND I can just start another if it feels right; and

2) Without a speck of fanfare, I started in several days ago.

So far, I've made Bee Sewcial blocks I'm super happy with, cut out an entire patchwork hearts quilt top (stay tuned!), and started in on my response to the latest Quilt Improv Studio challenge centering on primary colors + black & white, and the common theme of lines.

So above is my (scrap) fabric pull for the improv challenge piece, though I don't think I'm going to incorporate that yellow dotted fabric, the rest has found it's way into the piece I'm working on. And below is my first slab of lines. Considering I started piecing the black and white lines into a rectangle of blue fabric, things really took on a shape of its own.

I made a similar slab starting with a red square, then cut both slabs into triangle-ish shapes. I did grab a yard of black fabric from stash to use as the background, and came up with a composition I'm really excited about. At this point, the piece measures about 26" square, with my goal being a 24" square when finished.

So I plan to wait a few days before starting in quilting, basically because I ordered some thread, but also because I like to save really focused sewing for the weekend. So stay tuned for that later, but meanwhile I've got a couple of other scrappy projects I've started that I'll share with you soon!


  1. you've been busy! I love how those lines radiate from the center. so good

  2. I really like the small introduction of the black and white stripe print as skinny piecing in two of the triangles. And the conversation the triangles are having with one another makes me think of an hourglass and a teetertotter: balance of time.

  3. Your 50 Days of Scraps projects from last year, are very inspiring! And another round? I think that's a great idea and will keep you on your 'creative toes.'
    I'm going along too, but! at a much slower pace, that working with scraps improv thing is brilliant! and makes me happy.

  4. I also decided to start with 50 days and see how it went before committing to 100. Day 19 today. So far so good and it's been fun to be in the quilt lab again everyday, if even for a few minutes. Thanks again for the motivation!

    1. Excellent! So glad you're having fun with it!

  5. I might just be playing along with you even you didn't invite me! hahahaha!!!

  6. The colours are just amazing! I love how you joined the improv pieces together and those super small lines in the blue and red triangles. So so good! Can’t wait to see how you decide to quilt it.