Thursday, April 7, 2022

My Very Peri

Ever since we began paying attention to the Pantone Color of the Yearmy daughter, Rachel/@snippetsofsweetness, has ordered us official Pantone Color of the Year swatch cards, so when it came time to find a fabric match for this year's Very Peri, it was the swatch that I consulted.

Here's what I ordered to see in person:

[Note that I also consulted color cards for PBS Fabrics' Painter's Palette Solids and RJR Cotton Supreme Solids, but neither had a color close to a match.]

Once I received the fabric, it was clear right off that the Cotton Couture Periwinkle and AMB Dark Periwinkle weren't matches. So that left three others to consider (left to right below) - Kona Noble Purple, Cotton Couture Crocus, and Kona Amethyst.

So from my viewpoint, Kona Noble Purple is a tad dark; and Kona Amethyst, though close, is a tad too light. But if you're a Kona fan, either would be a reasonable choice. The closest match for me, though, from those I compared, is Cotton Couture Crocus.

A project from these colors is definitely in order, so one of these days! Are you planning a Very Peri project? If so, what fabric or palette will you choose?


  1. Wow, Cotton Couture Crocus looks like the clear winner to me this year as well!

  2. looks like a great match! thanks for always doing the research

  3. Pretty pretty! What quilt pattern are you going to use?

  4. You go to so much effort to come up with the "just right" color, and then share the information with us. Thank you! I don't have plans to make a Very Peri quilt, mostly because I don't need to order more fabric! I'd definitely need to do that because our LQS are hit-or-miss when it comes to solids. Anyway, I have plenty of other solid colors to work with. But I will definitely enjoy watching you make something!