Tuesday, April 12, 2022

More Scrappy Beads

So I've been at these scrappy bead blocks for nearly two weeks.... making a string or two or three of improv beads whenever I get a chance. The bead sizes and string lengths have varied on my whim at the moment and the scraps I've used.

I wasn't sure for a while, but they've grown on me, and now I'm working on connecting them into a quilt top. Per comments on Instagram, and my own common quilt-sense, some negative space was definitely in order. The improvisational nature of it all means it's been slow going, with every unique  connection figured out on its own before moving to the next. And of course, not confident I had enough of the background fabric, Kona Lighthouse, I've begun to add in some other grays from stash and scrap. There's the obvious dark one in the upper left corner; but also, a lighter one, Kona Silver, connecting rows four and five, as well as on the ends of those rows. 

I was thinking early on that the final quilt size wouldn't be huge, as I want quilting to be as enjoyable as the piecing.... as little stress as possible, if you get my drift. But in providing the space that it felt like it needed, I'm already at 50" wide. So yeah, it's grown. And yeah, it's a little quirky; but it's serving its purpose, and I'm actually kind of liking it, so all is good. Oh, and I already have an idea for a pieced quilt back that I'm looking forward to piecing, so that's encouraging me along.


  1. I like seeing how the beads seem to be dancing along the line. They also remind me of the memory beads my husband and I make of sentimental items that we want to remember but also don't want to keep cluttering our shelves (we are pretty minimalistic). I like the change in background color and think it adds to the conversation.

  2. these are interesting! fun to see where you are taking them