Monday, April 18, 2022

Rounded Drawstring Pouch

I'd had my eye on the Rounded Drawstring Pouch tutorial by Sunny Day Supply for several weeks, so when it was time to whip up a little something-something for my grandgirls for Easter, it seemed perfect timing to give it a try.

Small projects like these are the perfect chance to dig into stash for some cute prints. I totally forgot to get a photo of the bag linings, but trust me, it was fun to coordinate them with the exterior and casing fabrics. And isn't the rounded shape of these bags just the cutest?

The finished bags measured about 7" high by 12" wide, and were a super quick sew.... perfect for squeezing into a busy day plus taking a short breather from the larger work in progress! Thinking I should make a few more just to have on hand.


  1. They look super fun and I suspect they were well received and fun to gift for Easter!

  2. These bags are so cute and made up in fun fabrics takes them to the next level of cute! They look like they’d hold a great amount of treasures too.

  3. Super cute fabric and design! And Happy Easter!

  4. The bags are super fun! I bet the girls loved them.