Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Calendar Update X

This post marks a milestone, even though I'll be back with one more post once these panels are hung in their final location. But having all three of them done feels monumental. I've finished making and sewing on hanging sleeves, have made and sewn on labels, and am working on making an appointment to deliver them. The end is definitely in sight.

Each panel measures 60" wide by 62" long.

Over the period of making the panels, I used close to 28 yards of fabric. Primarily Kona Cotton, nearly every section includes some Essex linen cotton blend, there are Marcia Derse palette prints throughout, and a variety of other cottons and wovens.

Each colored section was pieced, quilted, and bound with a matching thread, Aurifil 50wt for piecing and binding, and 40wt for quilting. Colors include Red [2250], Very Dark Eggplant [1240], Black [2692], White [2024], Delft Blue [2730], Canary [2120], and Green [2870].

Labels were made using Inkjet Printable Fabric from Printed Treasures by Dritz. Here's a sample, with each label indicating the span of the liturgical calendar on that particular panel.

Time-wise, the panels were made over the course of five months, with planning, sewing, basting, quilting, trimming, binding, and labeling taking a total of 112.25 hours. Yes, I kept track every step of the way.

Thankfully, family was around when the panels were completed and I was able to get a few photos of them all. Hopefully, I'll be back soonish to share photos of them in the space they were created for. Thanks for sticking with me during the making of this long-term project! Your encouragement and affirmation kept me going.


  1. Oh My! So beautiful! What a work of art...and labor of Love for the Lord. Well done! Congratulations--so proud of you.
    Nice Family photo! :-)

  2. I'm so glad you kept track so well, that will be a fun memory to revisit in years to come. These are going to be so lovely hanging in your church. I hope you smile each time you see them. Well done!

  3. 'Monumental', yes! Tenacious too.

  4. Congratulations, the panels finished out beautifully. I really appreciate that you kept track of your time and shared that with us. That's a lot of work and I hope they are enjoyed by the congregation for many years into the future. Thanks for linking up with Favorite Finishes!

  5. Beautiful - I live in the area so am excited to see this in person. As others have said, what attention to detail especially that you kept track of your time. Great family photo - I believe quilting projects are family affairs at all stages from inspiration to completion and as the gift is shared.

    1. Thanks so much! I'll post once the panels are hung.

  6. BIG congrats on this finish! The project is amazing and your quilts are so beauftiful. And how fun are the family pictures :) Looking forward to seeing them in their final place. xo PS: I would have guessed that amount of time would be needed for one quilt. I am apprently way slower ;)

  7. Beautiful. They will be cherished for generations I am sure