Tuesday, January 16, 2024


Bee Sewcial started 2024 off with a bang, with two new members, Jen Broemel @jen.broemel and Irene Roderick @hixsonir. That makes us a group of nine for 2024, heading into our 10th year as a bee. In addition to myself, other continuing members include Stephanie Ruyle @spontaneousthreads, Leanne Chahley @shecanquilt, Felicity Ronaghan @felicityquilts, Marci Debetaz @marci_girl, Karen Foster @capitolaquilter, and M-R Charbonneau @quiltmatters. Exciting times!

M-R @quiltmatters was up first, and her prompt was "Ringette." I think I said 'oh no' before I even saw the details, just picturing a lot of rings in my mind - not really my comfort zone. Luckily, that wasn't quite what she meant. Ringette is actually an ice sport invented in Canada, now played in many other countries, mostly by girls and women, including M-R! I was able to learn a thing or two from her Ringette pinboard.

We were asked to use blues, reds and blacks for the foreground elements and scrappy whites for the background ice surfaces. My first block, 8" x 13.5", was inspired by the goal net used in ringette. 

For my second block, I took inspiration from the sticks the players use, and also the rings that they move along the ice. So here's my abstract view of them together, along with a 'pile' of extra rings. This block measures 8.5" x 25".

So it was fun to learn about something new-to-me yet important to my bee-mate. And it's been a while since I was able to enjoy some improv, so that definitely felt good. 


  1. Your block looks good, and will be interesting to see in M-R's quilt. What a combination of improv blocks you-all manage to put together. It's always impressive! And, you have two more heavy-hitters in your bee, so your group clout is even bigger. What an elite group of quiltmakers!. It will be fun to see every quilt that's made in 2024.

  2. I had never heard of Ringette, so this prompt has been fun to learn from and see how the blocks turn out.

  3. Great piecing skills Debbie! will stay tuned for lots of inspiration, thank you.

  4. I had to go look up Ringette, had never heard of it. I think you captured the idea of the sport well!