Wednesday, April 3, 2024

March Fabric Usage

OK, brace yourself. March was a doozy for fabric intake. First, there were several small purchases as options for the Pantone quilt challenge.

And then I received a generous 'thank you' gift card following the installation of the liturgical triptych, so of course, I spent that, on both yardage....

and a FabricBubb bundle. I hardly ever purchase fat quarters any more, but there was something about this bundle. I've already used a few of the fabrics in a bag for myself.

There's also a gift I'm working on behind the scenes that needed specific fabrics.

And in curating the collection above, I ordered a couple of Marcia Derse fabrics, and though they didn't work for this particular project, I'm happy to have them and the blue sample Marcia sent.

I think that's about it. It all made sense - at least to me - but it did add up.

March Fabric Usage

Used up: 13.06 yards [6.24 projects + 6.82 recycled]
Brought in: 32.66 yards 
Net: 19.6 yards

So it is what it is. I'll have finished at least two projects using these fabrics this month, and a possible sew along to join in, so I'm confident I'll turn those numbers around soon!


  1. You know, using up fabric and finishing projects is fun, but so is acquiring fabric and the potential the fabric represents! Looking forward to seeing what you make from these lovely purchases.

  2. Your new prints are so cheerful! LOL --If 32 yards is a doozy then I'm a floozy.

  3. So many lovelies! Though I would have never guessed on the 30+ yards. I did ok in the first quarter with no buys and one finish. But I just ordered a fabric collection I had been waiting for. So my next quarter might look like this ;) xo