Monday, May 27, 2024

Folk Art Cats

My bee mate, Felicity @felicityquilts, chose "Folk Art Cats" as her Bee Sewcial @beesewcial prompt for May, and here's my first block. The cats are supposed to be primarily black or grey, with a scrappy background in bright, cheerful colors. This kitty block measures 12" x 18". I chose to leave it long in case Felicity wants to trim later.

My second kitty measures 10" x 16". He's inspired by a folk art cat picture I saw, though I'm not really sure he looks like it, but I tried! His eyes got a little out of control, but so goes improv sometimes.

For both blocks, I planned the kitties out first, then focused on the background. Not the most intuitive improv I've done, but hopefully they both fit in well with the rest of the clowder.


  1. Oh, what a different prompt. I love the personality shining through in both blocks.

  2. Say yes to kitty blocks, tons of fun. And where will this lead I wonder?

  3. I've never thought of making cats with improv piecing - what fun! I hope we get to see the clowder!