Monday, May 13, 2024

Snippets + alphabet

Lest you think I'm only interested in quilt alongs, that's not quite true. But after making my AQT alphabet quilt several weeks ago, I had in mind to make another alphabet quilt, so why not?! Now if I can only find all those extra letters I had left from making the first one...

Found 'em! I only had to print out a few more before I was ready to start in. I already knew what fabric I wanted to start with, knowing full well that I might add more as I went. It was all Carolyn Friedlander, a mix of collections, and primarily in blues, grays, black.

The intended recipient was my daughter Rachel @snippetsofsweetness, so of course, her banner would say 'Snippets of Sweetness,' her social media name. Just like the first time, I followed Carolyn's lead of splitting the words into rows, which though maybe a bit awkward to read, is a lot of fun.

Snippets finished at 18.5" x 29", similar in layout to one of Carolyn's projects, as well as my previous one, with the back pieced with more CF fabrics, of course.

I quilted a 1" grid using Aurifil 50wt 2730 [Delft Blue] horizontally in the darker blue section; and 2612 [Arctic Sky] in the upper letter section, as well as all of the vertical lines.

I know I totally ignored the schedule of the sew along, but other projects were waiting for my attention. Plus, I knew I'd see Rachel yesterday, so why not finish it up and give it to her then? Come to find out, she's refreshing her sewing space, so this little piece just might be a fun addition.


  1. Yes, Carolyn Friedlander's alphabet looks like a fun improv exercise and her fabric works well with lots of contrasts. Great challenge.

  2. This makes me want to drop everything and try some of those letters - what fun! Neat that you finished it up to give to her, only to find out that she's refreshing her space. I love that when things fall together like that!

  3. Seems you intuited the right time to make this for Rachel; I'm sure it will find a happy home in her space!