Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Coming Soon: Curated Quilts

A while back, I heard about Curated Quilts, the brainchild of Amy Ellis and Christine Ricks, and my ears perked up (so to speak). Not one to peruse quilting magazines much, the idea of a 'quilting journal' sounded really interesting.... A printed quarterly journal that will curate a gallery of quilts, share current trends, impart interviews with artists and lend inspiration.

Maybe you've already discovered the Instagram hashtag @curatedquilts or the facebook page. If not, now you have the links!

I was more than pleased to be asked to share two of my quilts in the quilt gallery, this first one on linear quilts. I'll let you be surprised about what quilts, OK? ;-)

Sounds pretty cool, eh? Curated Quilts is available for pre-order now, and will be shipping near the end of September. There's a special on the first 100 subscriptions, and individual issues can be purchased as well. Here's a link.

Sooo.... check it out, and see if Curated Quilts isn't something you would be interested in too!


  1. fantastic! and good for you... heading there to check out a subscription now

  2. I would have liked to subscribe but as I live in Australia, the postage would make it over $50 per issue which would be unaffordable for me.