Monday, August 7, 2017

Improv Stripes Layout

So over on Instagram, we're considering layout for our final projects and beginning to sew up our quilt tops.. I just kept rearranging my blocks, taking a quick photo after each possible layout, until I found an arrangement I was happy with. Here's some of the options I cam up with.

I like to trim my blocks as I construct my piece. You may even find you'd like to cut some blocks in half and repiece to make longer, skinnier blocks. Or you might need to make a new block or add to one for the size needed for your design. The possibilities are nearly endless! Here's my completed quilt top. 

I'll confess, I've already started quilting, using several colors of thread to go with the multi-colored nature of my quilt....

We'll be sharing our finished quilts on Friday. For those of you at another stage of the process, no worries! Just keep sewing along. It's all good!! Love the wonderful work you all have been doing! A few of you have shared with me, and I've enjoyed seeing what you're done with your improv stripes!

If you're able, do check out the #improvstripesqal hashtag!


  1. so pretty! I'm still debating adding something to the borders of my quilt. I won't be getting to it this week I don't think. we'll see

  2. I had hoped to do this but life is getting in the way. I have long had a growing stash of striped fabrics as well as several ideas for strip quilts so this has been fun to watch. Looking forward to seeing how they all turn out as I keep an eye on IG.

  3. Wow, I'm glad you're able to work so fast. I've had a struggle with my sewing machine for about a week and haven't been able to get a lot done.
    but I'm planning and arranging what I have done and I think I've got the machine situation solved. So I'll put what I have so far on my blog.
    Thanks for the good idea.

  4. I went a little crazy and sewed up loads of striped sections. I was waiting to see what to do with them and also played with layouts and photographed a few options. I made mine primarily navy blue, maize yellow and then a bit of ivory stripes and grey. It turns out that I don't like the entire quilt being all stripes, so I'm playing with some modern log cabin squares here and there. IT's a work in progress and I can't thank you enough for this QAL!! My son is hoping to snag this one when it's done...(though he's asked for more colors!).

  5. This is so beautiful! I will certainly use improv stripes one day.
    AmitiƩs de France,

  6. It looks fabulous! Love the way you've combined colours!

  7. Fantastic Debbie ! And it's interesting to see the different layout options you considered.

  8. This is something I definitely want to try, only just come across it so won't have anything to show for some little while, but thank you for the inspiration

  9. Can´t wait to see the first quilts quilted.

  10. This is fantastic Deb! You've done a lovely job and I love the background you chose. Luckily I already have this pattern in my stash - might have to make one into a Christmas present (it's not too early now that we're into August?).

    pirates of the caribbean 5