Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Pincushion Parade

The day after the Improv Stripes QAL started, wouldn't you know it, another event started - the #pinnieparade, a daily pincushion party hosted by Cheri/@tinkerellen. I kinda couldn't resist joining in! Luckily, you can post either a brand new pincushion you've made, an oldie but goodie, or even one you received as a gift or whatever. So with those loose rules, I figured I could possibly keep up. And for future reference, I thought I'd share them here, a week or so at a time. So without further ado.....

Day 1 - First up was the Prettified Pincushion, one of my favorite makes from Ayumi Takahashi's Patchwork, Please! This one has obviously been well-used, but I'm still quite fond of it.

Day 2 - With scraps from my improv stripes project sitting on my cutting table, it was an obvious choice to use some to make a little pincushion. Quick and easy.

Day 3 - Ages ago, I crazy-pieced all my green scraps for a couple of different projects. Leftover bits were perfect for this little pinnie.

Day 4 - Here's one that was a gift from the talented Hillary/@entropyalwayswins. I kinda love it! Check out Hillary's #instatute for a tutorial.

Day 5 - Boy it was fun to make a Spool Pin Cushion Block by Faith/Fresh Lemons! Seriously, the piecing took under 15 minutes! Also Faith has tutorials for several more varieties of spool blocks on her blog.

Day 6 - Back in time again, to when grandgirl got her first sewing machine. Obviously she needed a pincushion, and I made her a Deluxe Pincushion from Heidi/@fabricmutt's book, Sew Organized for the Busy Girl.

Day 7 - And for this last one, I took inspiration from a triangle pincushion I saw on Pinterest by Jeni/In Color Order. After I made mine in a more improvisational style, I realized Jeni had written a tutorial for hers, so I've linked to that above.

It's been fun to create a little, as well as look back a little - work totally on the fly, as well as try some new-to-me designs. It's a good thing. Check out the #pinnieparade hashtag on Instagram for oodles more!


  1. They are all wonderful. I never cease to be amazed at how many pincushions we quilters own.....and use!

  2. Pincushions are things I often admire yet I only have two, one that was shop bought and a gift from a friend and one is a beautiful little thing with a wooden base and a tweed top, it was far too expensive for a pincushion, but I fell in love with it. Yours are so pretty, maybe it's time I made a few.

  3. I've loved watching everyone's pinnies pop up on Instagram! yours are all awesome.

  4. Always an inspiration Debbie! So many ideas, all wrapped in fabric goodness! Little puffy works of art! I don't think I will keep up, but it is a fun idea!

  5. Your pincushions are wonderful--so, so pretty! Makes me want to replace my good old vintage 1953 tomato pincushion I had to buy for my home ec class! Believe it or not, it is not worn out, and I still use it, although my mouth is watering for a pretty one like the ones you displayed! What do you stuff them with? I think I may need to make one!

  6. Fantastic Debbie ! And it's interesting to see the different layout options you considered.

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