Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pincushion Parade Fini!

Whew! I really need to make up for lost time on a baby quilt that should have been done by now (oops!) but that aside, the #pinnieparade was great fun, and I'm glad I did it. Did I really need nearly 25 new pincushions? Uh, not really, But it was a really enjoyable diversion, and even though on several days when I literally didn't have a spare moment I shared old favorites, most days I sat down for 30+ minutes to try a new pattern or an improvisational design. Here are links to the previous round-ups [one, two, three], and below you'll see my final batch!

Day 24 - I kinda love pink flamingo and red together. For this one, I used the flying geese paper-piecing template from Amanda Jean/crazy mom quilts' Plenty of Pincushions Vol. 1, but neglected to glance at the instructions again or I would have noticed there should have been another strip of gray to the right of the geese. I still like it so oooh well.

Day 25 - On this day, I challenged myself to just use the scraps piled on my cutting table. Even with it's tiny improv curves, I still really enjoyed making this one.

Day 26 - This one was inspired by the scrappy strings 9-patch by @therootconnection.... and is one of my favorites.

Day 27 - After posting the Improv Quarter Log Cabin tutorial, of course I had to make one pincushion size, totally drawn from the scrap basket in black and white and red.

Day 28 - Oh goodness. This little one featuring Cotton + Steel Strawberry Peach was so fun. As I mentioned on Instagram, I had grandgirl on my mind when I made it, even tho she told me over the weekend that she didn't like quilting.... When I made a sad face, she quickly changed her story... "I'm sure I will when I'm older, Grammy!" Fingers crossed!

Day 29 - Though this little liberated star kinda fades into the background. Um.... plaid.

Day 30 - I'm a little disappointed in this one, inspired by my X Marks the Improv block tutorial, basically because I wish I'd cut the Xs narrower. OH well. This is actually one of the smaller pinnies I made.

Day 31 - And for the last day of the #pinnieparade, I know sewing is not in the cards, but that's OK, because I really needed to include this Circle of Geese. I made it a few years back for my friend Sharon/@redapplestitches after seeing Kelly/Jeliquilts' "A Circle of Geese" pincushion. The pattern is by Piece by Number, printed at 33%. I kinda love it.

Soooo. I made it! Thirty-one days, and I managed to make at least one pincushion on 23 of them. Yikes! But cool.


  1. Those tiny strawberries are so cute! So many great makes from this collection. Do you have plans for them?

  2. amazing that you made so many new ones! they're all terrific. Nice work!

  3. Oh lord...these are all so cute! I loved seeing the shot of them all! So dang cute!

  4. I've been seeing all your pincushions on IG and loved them all!!!

  5. I love pin cushions and yours are delightful . . . Everyone very unique. I do have a question . . . What do you stuff yours with? I use scrap batting, but I've heard that there are some materials that are better and actually help keep the pins sharp.

  6. OMG! The Circle of Geese is so darned cute! My goodness the smallness of it!