Thursday, August 24, 2017

Still Making Pincushions!

So the third week of the #pinnieparade is behind us, and I've yet to become tired of making a little pincushion nearly every day. In fact, it's been good!

Day 15 - After seeing Andrea/@3rdstoryworkshop's Glossary in Colour, in Pincushions, I of course had to try her Quilt Improv Pincushion tutorial, and it was quick and fun.

Day 16 - I happened upon the Color Wheel Pincushion perusing my Pincushion pin board, and I'm so glad I gave it a go! The pattern is by Erika Mulvenna on we all sew and I was surprised how nicely it went together. I love the shape, the solids, and I confess, even the black-and-white stripe I impulsively used for the back.

Day 17 - A non-sewing day was a good chance to share my two-sided 6" everyday pincushion. When I made it, I wanted crinkle in that patchwork, so I hand-washed both top and bottom 'blocks' before adding the sides and filling. It's still a favorite....

Day 18 - This one was inspired by a #pincushion in @crazymomquilts' #noscrapleftbehind, except I used some #scrappy #crazypiecing bits I had leftover from another project. Can't say it's my favorite, but I'll try again sometime and actually follow the pattern.

Day 19 - I really like how this mini #crosscutblocks pinnie turned out, though its small size and my use of Essex for the background made it a little fiddly to work with. No worries. I still love it, it evoked happy memories, and that dense grid quilting was good fun.

Day 20 - This log-cabin variation was a joy to piece, just pulling random choices from the solid scrap bin. I did get a little carried away size-wise (4" x 7"), but I again washed the top prior to final construction to get that extra crinkle, and that made it pretty much perfect.

Day 21 - I'm still smitten with improv spikes, and luckily it dawned on me to use them to make a pincushion! A random selection of scraps from the basket, and I made quick work of them, got a little carried away again and ended up with another largish 4" x 7" pinnie. But I'm ok with that!

Day 22 - Yesterday when Heidi/Fabric Mutt posted her Diamond Block tutorial, I had an 'ah-ha!' moment, and immediately thought pincushion. Simple and sweet, I'm so glad I did!

Day 23 - Shared an oldie but goodie yesterday where I started with the 12 1/2" New England Quilt Block tutorial by A Bright Corner, then down-sizing it by 50%. This was the first big 6" pincushion I made and besides its generous size, I love the controlled scrappiness and matchstick quilting.

Whew! I'll close for now and face the final week!


  1. I love seeing the variety of what you are making. They are all lovely, and I really like how Day 19 turned out.

  2. Great pin cushions! Love the adaptation of blocks. I really need to make just one to go with my new hand sewing addiction!!

  3. So fun and what variety and they're all doable.
    Thanks for the links to interesting blogs too.

  4. I've been loving all of your pincushions! what will you do with them all???

  5. have missed out on this challenge happening what a lot of pin cushions you have made all so different

  6. They are all so unique and beautiful. Love each one. What a basket of joy you have with all of your pincushions!

  7. I love pin cushions, but don't like to work that small, so I buy them! Nice ideas and colors you have used.