Monday, August 19, 2019

Summer Sampler 2019 :: Altitude

Andrea Tsang Jackson/3rd Story Workshop's "Altitude" block was another one I'd had my eye on from the very beginning of this year's Summer Sampler Piecing Bootcamp. If you're new to diamonds, do check out Andrea's video on Cutting Fabric Diamonds. Easy peasy!

That said, I'm bummed I didn't use my scant quarter-inch foot for the piecing, as my block turned out a little narrow. No worries though. I'll deal with that later. Meanwhile, I'm quite fond of it, and pleased we got to incorporate like 12 of our fabrics! Couldn't resist working up a collage to see it in repeat!

Week 12: Fussy Love [fussy-cutting]
Week 11: Bird's Eye Weave [stripes+curves]     Week 10: Off Kilter [partial seams]
Week 9: Oasis [inset pieced circle]     Week 8: Fierce [tiny piecing]
Week 7: Sparkler [transparency]     Week 6: Cul de Sac [curves]
Week 5: Rope Twist [paper-piecing]     Week 4: Victorian Tile [nested seams]
Week 3: Curious Crossing [improvisational piecing]
 Week 2: Pixelations [half-square triangles]     Week 1: Spring Fever [precision piecing]


  1. That is pretty cool! it has such a cook graphic look to it!

  2. love that block! and your collage really shows how great it could be in a whole quilt

  3. Great job! Interesting to see the repetition of the block.

  4. I have faith you'll figure out how to deal with the narrowness of the block when it's time to assemble the quilt! This is another nice one and will fit nicely in the mix!