Friday, August 18, 2023

More Little Art

It had been a while since we had visited the Free Little Art Gallery in nearby Edmonds, so when I had just a handful of scraps left from making One More Time, I decided to make a pair of mini mini quilts to contribute.

I actually had a 'top' made and realized it was too large, so ended up using it as the backing for two smaller pieces. The two measure 3.5" x 5" and 5" x 5" and were pretty densely quilted. Of course, on mini mini quilts, that takes hardly any time at all!

So yesterday, hubby and I headed down to Edmonds to deliver the little quilts. The gallery was already well-populated, but we found room to sneak mine in too.

So the little art gallery visitors have a lot to choose from this weekend. And I feel good to have had the opportunity to share some art!


  1. Perfect way to use up the last of those scraps! I really love how fast (and fun) it is to put together mini mini quilts.