Tuesday, March 5, 2024

February Fabric Usage

February was a mediocre fabric-usage month. I sewed several small projects - bee and BOM blocks, some small drawstring bags, and a pair of mini quilts - Golden Honey and Vista. As far as bringing fabric in, I took advantage of a sale at FabricBubb to restock a couple of solids and grab a few inspiration pieces (l-r):

  • Skinny Stripe in Azalea from Between the Lines by RJR Fabrics
  • Birch in Silver from Quarry Trail by Anna Graham for Robert Kaufman Fabrics
  • OOP Cotton + Steel print in Sunshine
  • Kona Blueprint
  • Kona Blue

And then, since I so enjoyed the Marcia Derse prints I used in the liturgical quilt project, I added a random piece to my stash: Postcards: Back in Ivory from Hawthorne Supply Co.

So all in all, it was an OK month. Brace yourself for March's report, though, as I have a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket! AND the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2024 is coming! All that means time to build up the ole stash a bit. Meanwhile....

February Fabric Usage

Used up: 10.15 yards [4.9 projects + 2.6 gifted/donated + 3.0 recycled]
Brought in: 5.0 yards 
Net: -5.15 yards


  1. I watched a quilter's YouTube video the other day. She counted all of her fabric - 1,200 yards. I looked at my fabric stash and decided I don't want to know. My goal is always to use what I have first but when someone is gifting Christmas fabric, I'm who they gift it to. It's a wonderful problem to have and I'm not complaining. I enjoy learning about how quilter's store/keep track of/use their stash. I have a friend who buys fat quarter bundles that she loves. Not every one that comes along - just the ones she loves. But in 12 years, I've never known her to use more than two of those bundles. They are like art to her. I think we all get to a place and "own" what we do with our stash. Thanks for continuing to blog. It's enjoyable reading!

    1. I agree about 'owning' what we do with our stash!! Like you not complaining about the Christmas fabric, I'm not complaining about the gift card. I'm eager to refresh some solids and prints while knowing full well it will take me a few months to 'catch up' with the purchase through my fabric usage. OH WELL! Appreciate your sharing your thoughts and following the blog. Thank you!

  2. I keep reminding myself that we have to have fabric to continue to be inspired to make. Looking forward, as always, to seeing what you do with these!

  3. "Buying fabric and sewing fabric are separate activities." A couple of years ago I did the math and figured out that my stash would cover 1-1/2 acres. (An acre is 43,560 square feet.) I'm not familiar with FabricBubb so I'll check it out. The postcard print is great!

  4. Uhhh, you remind me I need to update my own tracking. I have been a bit late with blogging lately. I think your February numbers sound very reasonable. Some used, some new to be inspired. A great exchange! I have my eye out for a collection I might even get directly here in Germany - so there probably will be fabric shopping happening in my near future ;) xo