Saturday, March 16, 2024

Like, Totally :: March

While watching our Seattle MQG zoom meeting this week, I finally got a start on this month's BOM blocks - a collection of flying geese!

I thought to go through my stash of charm squares for potential background fabrics, a holdover from my earlier quilting days, and was happy to find a nice handful of bold black and white prints. I used them in the blue block, and those three single geese at the bottom of the photo above. I kinda think they'll add a punch in the final quilt. Now they're all safely stored away until next month's assignment.


  1. I think the bold black and white prints will add a very nice sizzle and pop to the background.

  2. Now this looks extremely interesting, a real mix of shapes.

  3. I am thrilled to see how you pieced your Flying Geese blocks, using two different prints for the "sky" bits. I made mine the same way and then wondered if I should take them apart to make both sky sides match. But, I decided to leave them... and now I'm glad to see you made yours as I did! As I go, I will be using-up small neutral pieces for backgrounds. And that's what makes me happy. Yay us! :-0