Monday, March 4, 2024


So often when I see a newly-posted Bee Sewcial prompt, I have a brief (or longer) moment of anxiety, wondering how in the world to accomplish the goal. Thankfully, the new prompt from Stephanie @spontaneousthreads was not one of those.

The prompt for this month is Tumble. IE. two large (11" x 14") tumbler blocks with lots of texture. One section in each block could be improv pieced, so I pieced the tumbler in one block, and one of the sides in the other. 

The colors requested for the main section were "saturated pinks /saturated oranges and those lovely 'Is it red? Is it orange?' colors." And for the background - "white, barely off white, very light cream." Those requests were easily found in my stash. I don't, though, have a huge selection of textured fabrics on hand, but I was able to include shot cotton, linen-cotton blends, and textured cotton, in addition to quilter's cotton.

These were fun! A little improv, a little structure.... all in all, a perfect mix for an afternoon of sewing.


  1. A fun request and delightful blocks. I can see how these fit into a fun afternoon of fun sewing for you. :)

  2. Tumblers! That's a fun block with lots of possibilities.