Thursday, March 28, 2024

2024 Quilting Q1 CheckIn

It's time to join in the #2024QuiltingQ1CheckIn with Yvonne of @quiltingjetgirl. I'm glancing back at my goals from January's Quilting Planning Party to see how I've done.

(Italics are from my original post; regular text is my current response.)


  • The Cozy quilt was a new project for a new year, and happily, I finished it just a couple of weeks ago.

  • I needed a baby quilt for an upcoming shower, and after glancing at the gift registry, decided the already completed Whisper would be perfect. I ordered a couple of coordinating crib sheets off the registry to go with, and the new mama seemed very pleased.

  • Another finish was Diamond Flare, the Seattle MQG BOM from 2023.

  • Hourglass II quilt - I had 30 leftover quilt blocks stashed, and planned to either make them into a quilt or gift the blocks. My friend, Ellyn @ellynzins offered to make a charity quilt with them, so yay! See a glimpse of her wip here.
  • A new Bee Sewcial prompt and quilt - I'm scheduled for July, so this is on the back burner for a few more months. Meanwhile, I'm making blocks for my beemates as assigned.
  • Blocks for a new group quilt opportunity, and here they are. The blocks are for a modern potholder quilt project organized by Linda @flourishingpalms. See her wip here.

  • New Seattle MQG BOM for 2024. The "Like, Totally" BOM is underway! 

  • Participate in the #PanroneQuiltChallenge2024. The challenge is underway, as well, and I have a work in progress. Plenty of piecing is done even though I don't know final layout quite yet.

  • Other quilts as my whim dictates. There's been a few small finishes!

Whew. I'd say I've done pretty well meeting those quilting goals! That definitely feels good.

  • Cozy quilt fits here too. See photo above. What a joy it was to stitch!
  • Looking forward to trying out the new Aurifil 8wt. Below is a photo of one (of three) of my finished squeeze-frame pouches

  • Other handwork TBD - My daughter, Rachel @snippetsofsweetness, gave me a sashiko piece for my birthday, so I've been working on that.

  • I plan to continue with the regular blogging and publishing monthly or so newsletters. This has been going well.
  • I also plan to continue to participate in the Aurifil Artisan program, with several commitments upcoming. And I have. In addition to a post about the new 8wt thread, I've also shared about Thread OrganizationUpcycling, and using Multiple Threads

New Directions
  • Maybe not new exactly, but I feel the need for a studio refresh - recover ironing table, new cutting mat, new pins, organize supplies. I did get a bunch of new pins, cleaned my notion drawers, and organized my labels. 
  • We'll see what comes up. Yes!

Working on this post, it's hard to believe all that was accomplished in the last three months. I feel like I'm finally moving forward again. Even though I have a few projects in the works - my Pantone project, gift bags made with Mini Series Sew Along blocks, and mini mini quilts for the local art box - I really want to continue to take it as it comes and enjoy the process. That's my goal.


  1. I'm so glad you plan to continue blogging. I look at your blog every day to see what you are up to. The great variety of your projects is one of the things that keeps it interesting.

  2. Wow, you've had a lovely start to the year! I know many of your finishes were long term projects and the result of a lot of continuous, dedicated work, and it's a treat to get to see them all together. I hope you continue to find plenty of sparks of delight and joy as the year continues. Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  3. Great finishes and plans! And you've made progress on the new challenge, interesting.

  4. It is always impressive to see how many projects you finish in a quarter. Big congrats! I hope you have lots of fun in the next quarter and I will be lookin forward to your bloging, too. xo