Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day Three

Ok, so 'out on the town with most of Sewing Summit' last night didn't happen. Daughter dear and I decided to run to Gourmandise for a quick dinner, since they touted the best pastries in Salt Lake City, and it seemed our only chance to check them out. Dinner {and dessert} was delish, and we picked up some pastries for breakfast. So far so good.

Well we headed out again into the dark and the rain, and in short, we got lost. Eventually, we just hopped Trax again and headed back to the hotel, where we knew open sew awaited. And several lovely things happened at open sew that night - 1) I finished my first Mod Pop Block; 2) I met Lee from Freshly Pieced, where I guest-hosted recently; and 3) we got some great swag (thanks, friends!). So the evening ended swimmingly.

As for Saturday: A VERY FULL DAY! In a nutshell . . .

  • Coffee run to Starbucks & meet up with bloggy friends = awesome start to the day!
  • #1 class - Website Design with Melissa Esplin - oh my gosh did I take notes!
  • #2 class - Finishing Details with Anna Graham of Noodlehead, who had lots of ideas for garment sewing, home dec, and quilting.
  • Lunch with new friends + keynote speaker, "eclectic modern" fabric designer Joel Dewberry and his new collection, Notting Hill + very cool swag, a copy of "Ruby Star Wrapping."
  • #3 class - Successful Blogging with Tauni Everett of SNAP! Lots more notes and things to consider. And boy will I be exploring her website soon. 
  • #4 class - Advanced Bag Construction with Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness - great info about interfacing and purse hardware. Plus she had oodles of her awesome bags to share + sat on the floor with a few of us after class to just chat. sweet.
  • Dinner with more new (and old) friends + keynote speaker Nancy Soriano, an editorial strategist who shared about her career journey. A bonus was fabric designer Carol Van Zandt, who sat at our table and shared fat quarters of her new line, licorice fizz, with us!
  • Then, you know, off to open sew again . . .


  1. I love love love these mini recap posts, Debbie. Thank you!

  2. I am guessing you are home now, I bet it was great fun. So nice to see your mod pop block done too.

  3. Now you are rubbing shoulders with the famous ; ) looking forward to seeing all your goodies!

  4. Such a amazing days for you and your DD! Would have loved to meet some of the speakers there.

  5. Wow - another great day. (My comment for Day Two should have referred to Day Two, not one. It's early...)
    You got to meet so many of our online quilty cool.

  6. Wow looks like you had a really great time! =D

  7. It sounds like you took some fun classes!

  8. So glad you enjoyed the class at Sewing Summit. I am looking forward to getting to know you better! xoxo

  9. I like your recap posts! It was great to meet you :)

  10. Well done on the open sew accomplishments, we gave up after dinner each night!