Sunday, October 7, 2012

Random on Sunday

There's a fairly new linky party going on - Really Random Thursday over on Live a Colorful Life.  I totally meant to link up, but you know how things get busy! So here I am just a few days late, sharing a bit of randomness.
Live A Colorful Life

I joined a ColorWheel Swap where you swap fat quarters of your assigned color. You can find the details here if that sounds interesting to you - I think there are a few more openings.
City Stitches

Believe it or not, some folks are actually thinking about the holidays, and some are already sewing holiday projects!!! (sadly, not me) Quilt Story began a series of holiday tutorials this last week, starting off with a Hexagon Handle Holder by verykerryberry

And are you familiar with Threadbias
Threadbias Online Sewing Community
It's a site where you store and share your projects, including record of your fabric stash. I'm still getting acquainted with it, but if you want to look me up there, I'm aquilterstable. Generation Q did a feature on Threadbias this week, including info on the Kickstarter program in the works to develop their online design tool

Lastly, I've spent some good time this week following up on my guest-hosting gig at Freshly Pieced's W.i.P. Wednesday, commenting on posts and all. I've 'met' alot of bloggers new to me, and I thought I'd mention just a couple . . .

One is owen's olivia. I love her blog design, and her photos. Just nice and clean and fun. Besides her lovely wip, I found an interesting post on 17 things I have learned from blogging, and more recently, visually understanding thread quality.

Another new to me blog was Mommy's Nap Time, whose wips and photography are also stunning! Her tutorial for No Pins, No Hand Sewing binding just surpassed over 1000 pins on Pinterest! (And there are other very cool looking tutorials on her blog also!)

Anyway, it was a good reminder to visit other bloggers when you join the same linky parties - that's one way to continue to meet new folks and find inspiration!

Linking up with Really Random Thursday.


  1. I'm in a bee with Emily from Mommy's Nap Time. She's awesome! Glad you found her blog.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Debbie! It was nice meeting you too! And thank you for sharing all the other goodies with us, especially Threadbias. It sounds really interesting.


  3. It sounds like you had fun being the guest host! I do try to go and visit too, there is always a lot of inspiration in the linky groups.

  4. oh, how fun! You did a wonderful job guest posting!

  5. Awww! Thanks for mentioning my blog! I'm glad you liked it! :) Stick around there's always more to come! :)

  6. I'm sure you get extra random points for linking up on Sunday :oD

  7. Prep party is a great idea. I like having a project all cut out and ready to go because it allows me to sneak down to the sewing room and put a few pieces together between all the other tasks each day - it is amazing how much progress you can make when everything is ready to go.

    Thanks for the new (to me) blogs - just added some more to my always-growing list of must reads.