Friday, February 21, 2014

A Reappearance

Last fall I participated in the Get Ready to Play series at I'm Feelin' Crafty, and I figured it was finally time to bring Chinese Checkers home to the blog.
If you missed the intro post and all the quilty details, click the links to check those out. Meanwhile, here's the tutorial. (pdf here)

Supplies needed for quilt top:
1 1/2 yards background fabric
1/3 each of 4 focus fabrics

Cut all fabrics in 4" strips across width of fabric.

Using a 60-degree triangle ruler, begin at one end of each strip and cut triangles with the 4" mark along bottom of strip, and top of ruler even with the top edge.

Continue cutting triangles across each strip, rotating the ruler with each new cut. (I got 14 triangles out of each strip.)

Continue until you have cut all the triangles you will need:
203 background triangles
18 triangles of one color (the teal in my case)
15 triangles of each of 3 colors

Lay out all your triangles to make the Chinese Checkers pattern. The side edges will look jagged at this point and will be trimmed off after quilting.

The piecing for triangles is done in diagonal rows, not horizontal.

 And here is the finished quilt top!

Next up is the infamous "Quilt and finish as desired." Your quilt top is now ready to be basted, quilted, sides trimmed (with your ruler 1/4" from edge of accent triangles), and bound, finishing at 36x45".
Baby-sized maybe, but this is the quilt I reach for every morning as I turn on my computer and sip my coffee. Hope you enjoy it too.


  1. A lovely way to arrange the triangles! Great quilt

  2. I love the unique nature of this quilt Debbie! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  3. This is such a fun quilt, thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  4. I love this one. a great layout for triangles.

  5. I do love the all-solid-ness of this quilt, and the limited palette

  6. What a fun quilt! Thanks for the tutorial and pattern :)

  7. I remember this little gem. Nice to see it again!

  8. I just looked at all your pictures on Flickr from your quilt guild. EYE CANDY. Such talented ladies, such beautiful finished projects.

  9. I really love this quilt, the simple design and the circle quilting work so well.

  10. Very nice quilt Debbie! I loved playing Chinese checkers as a child - thanks for a great tutorial!

  11. This s such a cool quilt! Thank you so much for playing along!

  12. I love this quilt so much! Thank you for the PDF and tutorial. :-)

  13. Finally catching up on some blog reading! Thanks for the little tutorial, there's probably endless ways to use triangles in different layouts. I also still really love your quilting on this one.