Thursday, February 6, 2014

::Binary Challenge::

Adjective: Consisting of, indicating, or involving two
Yes, my mind is very much on a quilt show in Phoenix this week, but I'm also fresh from seeing the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Binary Challenge exhibit, which I saw last Friday on the way to our guild retreat. The bad news is the show ends today. The good news is I have photos to share! 

by Megan Vandenburg

by Sue Mariotti, Louise Wackerman

by Chandra Wu

by Amber Arnold, Katie Pedersen

 by Alyssa Long, Jessie Keating, Katrine Eagling

by Patricia Belyea

by Katrine Eagling

by Patty Ladd

by Megan Blomquist, Laurel Thom

by Vicki Christensen, Martha Peterson

Rachel of Snippets of Sweetness, and her Binary Quilt

by Aly Bazely, Rachel Pascual

by Marilyn Lone, Allison Dutton

by Sandie Holtman, Andrea Slusser

by Patty Ladd, Debbie Jeske

by Carrie Franklin

by Allison Dutton

by Anna Boenish

 by Lynne Shandley

by Charlotte Mahoney

Island Quilter is such a great host (and fabric shop!), and their gallery is a wonderful display space. Hope you enjoyed the show!


  1. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful quilts! So much talent in this guild!

  2. Wow. Very cool, all of them. I'm betting they were even more fabulous in person.

  3. What a fantastic show! The quilters in your guild are so talented, I am in love with pretty much each and every quilt. The show space at Island Quilter is also just so full of light, and a perfect venue.

  4. Thank you for this virtual quilt show!! They're all beautiful!

  5. What a fabulous show! Love your quilt! How in the world is that purple heart quilt made? So striking.

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  7. Gorgeous selection of colours and textures

  8. Love this! Aren't they amazing?? I took a bunch of pictures on my way out. So i'll be posting one too...

  9. So much talent....what a wonderful community you're part of! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for sharing they are all so great.

  11. These are such an amazing collection of quilts!

  12. Wonderful exhibition that I wish I could have seen for real. It has given me plenty of inspiration but some are so amazing, I am also daunted. Those feathers I must try!
    Jo in Liverpool England

  13. Thank you for sharing the beautiful quilts.

  14. Love seeing this virtual quilt show! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing these!!

  16. This is so inpsiring! What a wonderful quilt show! Thanks for sharing!!