Friday, September 23, 2016

Blogger's Quilt Festival :: StringSong [Small Quilts]

Small quilts are my happy place. The opportunity to use a quickly chosen stack of fabrics, experiment with a technique, or just go to the cutting table with rotary in hand and start cutting to see where it leads me.... that's the very best kind of sewing to me, and when it's a small quilt, thus a quick finish, all the better. And it was in such an environment as this that StringSong was created.

My second entry in the Blogger's Quilt Festival was inspired by one little piece of an improv string slab I made for our guild's BOM.

I made big string slabs, and then cut them up to get the elements I needed, deciding what that was bit by bit. And yes, sewing slab scraps together to make more usable pieces totally fit the process.

Matchstick quilting was definitely called for, and it just seemed right that I gather as many coordinating threads as I had on hand. Plus it added to the fun. I switched between threads whenever the mood struck, and in this case, it seemed impossible to overdo it.

So this little quilt really does represent what I love most about quilting .... using fabric and thread to create just for the sake of creating. Using colors and designs only because they please you. Figuring it out as you go. Oh yeah.

Many thanks to Amy/Amy's Creative Side for hosting the festival. I've been enjoying reading through many of the entries! If you are visiting A Quilter's Table for the first time, welcome! You can also find me on Instagram @aquilterstable, and if you'd like to subscribe to my bi-monthly newsletter, The Scrap Basket, just leave your email in the pop-up box, or in the comments. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Quilt stats:
Finished size: 25" x 25"
Pattern: my own
Fabric: randomly pulled cotton solid stack
Thread: Aurifil 50wt - #2021 (Natural White), #2140 (Mustard), #2230 (Medium Peony) 
#2600 (Dove), #2610 (Light Blue Grey), #2975 (Brass), and #4020 (Fuchsia). 
Quilted by: myself, using a walking foot
Category: Small Quilts

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  1. You are very good at improvisation! I can learn a lot from you.

  2. I love this quilt. Matchstick quilting is perfect for it but good thing it is a small quilt! lol

  3. This is such an amazing quilt. Such an interesting design.

  4. I love everything about this quilt !!! There's such a great movement.

  5. Beautifully dynamic with great quilting for a delightful finish!

  6. Interesting design. I really like the colors, too. And I agree - matchstick quilting looks great on it. Lovely quilt.

  7. This is a fabulous mini quilt, and I love that it was inspired by the piecing of another top. :)

  8. Your color selection on this one is gorgeous! Making smaller quilts let's us scratch that itch! Beuatiful quilt and amazing quilting!

  9. I love this quilt, especially how you quilted it. I really like how the matchstick lines are not straight but are gently curved.

  10. Love the colors, love the quilting - especially the curve of it, great little quilt Debbie!

  11. That's stunning, love the movement in it!

  12. I love your sense of adventure and exploration in your quilting Debbie. This one has always been one of my favorites along with the cross cut quilt.

  13. This is great. One of my favorite quilts in the festival and definitely my favorite string pieced quilt ever. Thank you so much for sharing!

  14. Fantastic creation. I love the matchstick quilting. Is it measured or just eyeballed?

  15. This is such a good looking quilt. Your walls must be covered in quilts. You are an inspiration.

  16. This such a sunny quilt! I love that you have linked to your past BQF posts...I just counted up 10 for myself, too!!!

  17. This is so cool to look at!
    Very creative!!

  18. Love your process and the result is amazing! Voted!