Friday, October 1, 2021

Snowflake Sampler :: Five Diamonds + Flowers with Borders

September saw two new blocks in the Snowflake Sampler block-of-the-month. First up was Five Diamonds, 11" x 21".

The "oval" weaving was especially enjoyable. And then on to the next block, Flowers with Borders, which was also 11" x 21", and boy did the variegated floss do its thing on this one. 

I think the scale of the stitches was part of it, but this just may be one of my favorite blocks yet. Also, there were four different stitches, which kept things very interesting from the beginning stitch to the last.

In case you missed my previous blocks, here they are!

X and O Star   +   Tiny Snowflakes   +   Lacy Flowers

Large Snowflake   +   Woven Star   +   Pearvocado

Classic Star   +   Simple Woven Flower

Favorite Coffee Mug   +   Small Classic Star


  1. Well done! Great embroidery and the 'oval' weaving is an amazing effect.
    I like the yellows in the five diamonds too.

  2. Oh, the variegated thread looks stunning in the Flowers with Borders block. I delight in getting to see your blocks. :)

  3. I love seeing your finished blocks.

  4. These are just charming! I'm surprised that the gingham fabric is sturdy enough to hold all this stitching. The gingham I remember from childhood was thin and flimsy. Is this a special fabric? Love the way the variegated threads worked out. This whole project has been fun to watch you progress through.