Thursday, June 29, 2023

2023 Aurifil Artisan

After an enjoyable and productive year as an Aurifil Artisan, I was happy to be asked to join the team for a second year. The group of makers is varied, which I love; and I look forward to seeing the results of their creativity. Besides being inspiring, you never know what you'll learn and be inspired by from other makers, right?

Meanwhile my Aurifil Welcome Pack just arrived and here's what it held:

  • 50wt cone 2225 [Salmon]
  • 50wt large spools of 2214 [Golden Honey], 2479 [Medium Orchid], 1104 [Neon Orange]
  • 40wt large spools of 6722 [Sea Biscuit], 1135 [Pale Yellow], 1148 [Light Jade]
  • 28wt large spools of 2021 [Natural White], 2710 [Light Robins Egg]
  • 12wt large spools of 2430 [Antique Rose], 2000 [Light Sand]
  • 12wt large spool of acrylic-wool blend 8530 [Puce Magenta Pink] edited to correct
  • spool monofilament
  • small spool of 80wt #2930 [Golden Toast] and floss #4669 [variegated Stonewash Blues]
  • 50wt small spool Orchard collection by Jill Finley @jillilystudiocolours included: 1114 [Grass Green], 2886 [Light Avocado], 2115 [Lemon], 2420 [Light Blush], 2410 [Pale Pink], 2430 [Antique Rose], 4020 [Fuchsia]
  • Aurifil color card
  • brochure about all the threads, what needles to use, suggested uses etc.
  • and an Aurifil sticker!

It'll be fun to see what these threads inspire! We were invited to share an unboxing post, and unfortunately, mine was too large to share here. But if you missed it, check it out! Our first official challenge is to create something using a thread(s) from our welcome pack, so I'm mulling that over!


  1. I love when I am inspired by other makers. :) I look forward to seeing what you and the other artisans create this year.

  2. Tons of color fun and the little booklet has lots of inspiration. Exciting for sure.