Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Sashiko Runner

Well it's been a while since I participated in 24 Days of Sashiko with Kazue @sashiko.lab, but finally, I pulled my sashiko-stitched runner out and got it finished! 

Just as a reminder, I had used Kona Windsor for the base cloth and four strands of Aurifloss 2390 [Cinnamon Toast!] for the stitching. For backing fabric, I was happy to find some of Carolyn Friedlander's Harriot Yarn Dyed in Blueprint in my stash. It has a really soft hand that seemed to go well with the stitched top. Note that the true colors are somewhere between the two photos above and below. It's been hard to get the lighting just right!

In retrospect, I didn't really need to use batting, but I did - Quilter's Dream Request. It's lightweight and low loft, developed especially for hand-quilting. Then I used the same Cinnamon Toast floss to stitch running stitches between each square of sashiko. 

I opted for no binding, per se, rather turned all raw edges in about 1/2" and then stitched around all the edges with a running or straight stitch. The finished runner measures 13" x 33", and I'm happy to have it done, basically a sampler of all the sashiko stitches I learned. 


  1. Congratulations on your Sashiko Stitch Runner Finish! Great stitching and color choice.

  2. It's a beautiful finish, Debbie. I bet it was interesting to get the corners turned under so cleanly!