Saturday, June 3, 2023

The End of the 100 Day Project

Well, it's time to wrap up The 100 Day Project! Using my scraps has been my primary focus. And although I still have plenty left, I'm happy with how many have been used. Midway through the 100 days, I posted a report, where the project count at that time was 1 mini quilt, 2 quilts, 7 potholders or oven mitts, and 3 bee blocks.

For the last half of the 100 days, I've also been able to create 2 giving blocks for Seattle MQG....

Another mini quilt, Afterthought, with scraps from my Pantone challenge quilt, Verve....

Another batch of quilted bookmarks to share in our Little Free Library (12 in total)....

AND a quilt I've been working on off and on since early April, made with scrappy blocks, Hourglass.

Wow. That felt like a lot all through the 100 days. Though I'm debating what scrappy project I want to start next, while still moving on ahead to other non-scrappy projects. Hoping I can keep up at least a little more use of the scraps during the summer months. We'll see!


  1. Great projects and I like the first two scrappy blocks, fun with scraps!

  2. It looks like a super successful 100 Days project and series to me. What a great variety!

  3. Scrappy blocks and hourglass is super, a great way to use up our strips with the added twist of the hourglass pieces here and there. Love this one.

  4. Indeed! You've done a well at focusing on scraps. Your Afterthought quilt is just charming. And those books marks... I sure understand how they're snatched-up from your Little Library! Not surprisingly, my favorite project is your scrappy Hourglass quilt. Amazing that you've quilted and bound it too. (I have three quilts basted and in my quilting queue!) Though I know it's tough to track scrap fabric-use, no doubt you've used-up quite a bit of it. Do you have much left? I'd call your 100 days very successful. Great work, Debbie!

  5. You've made great use of your 100 days. I love both the mini quilt and the scrap quilt - they are both so different yet both are wonderful.