Monday, December 4, 2023

Seattle MQG Needlebook Swap

Last Saturday, we had our annual Seattle MQG holiday party, and part of that was a needlebook swap! The one I made was inspired by two I found online - a color blocked one made by Diana @dianavandeyar; and one shown in the DIY Needle Book Tutorial by Damjana @applegreencottage. I used solid scraps for the exterior, accenting with a little hand-stitching. I added two interior pockets, and felt pages, of course, to hold needles. Then I finished it off with leather lacing ties. It measured 4" x 5.5" when closed.

Diane, a member I met for the first time at the swap, received the needlebook I made. And then from Bridget, I received this darling needlebook, inspired by the How to Make a Sashiko Stitched Needle Book tutorial by Create Whimsy.

Bridget told me the main exterior fabric was off the free table at one of our guild meetings! I love all the hand-stitching. And there's even a pocket on the interior, which will be handy. I like it A LOT!

There was also some fun swag to celebrate the guild's 10th anniversary.... a cool commemorative pouch, a sticker, and a pin - which is already at home on my guild name tag. 

So that was a lot of fun! I'm glad I was able to attend, and also to participate in the swap. Good times!


  1. What a fun swap! Both needlebooks (the one you gifted and received) look fantastic.

  2. Your hand-stitching *makes* this needlebook perfect! You always know just the right thing to design, create, and stitch. Lovely work.