Friday, December 15, 2023

Little Bits of Sewing

Weellll..... I think I'm done with the little bits of holiday sewing for this year, though I wouldn't put it past me to whip up something else, spur of the moment. But since I think I'm done, I'll share the recent small projects.

Couldn't resist trying the Fabric Gift Bag from Audrey @cottonandboubon. It's a free tutorial, and very different from the majority of fabric gift bags I've made. I used 100% quilter's cotton for the exterior, and Essex Yarn Dyed in Red for the lining. Super sweet and went together in about an hour. It was fun to make, and I'm curious what gift I'm giving will fit its shape and size. At the very least, it's nice to have options in giftbags!

When I saw the cute little Tinseltown Tree Coasters made by Jemima @tiedwitharibbon, I immediately thought of someone who needed a set. Just 4" square, they go together pretty quick, and were a delightful distraction.

Next up was a Minimalist Wallet, which is a pattern by Anna @noodlehead531. Just 4.5" W x 3.5" H, I'd made one before, in fact, using the same Robert Kaufman Big Sur Canvas in Mustard. Mysteriously, I had a single gold 4" zipper on hand, which made me so happy. Using canvas for the exterior wasn't what was suggested in the pattern, so it made things a tad more cumbersome, but it worked. For the lining, I used a Rifle Paper Co. floral, Wildwood Garden Party for Cotton + Steel. My supply is dwindling, but it felt perfect for the recipient of this little gift.

And finally, not a gift at all, except to hubby and I. We needed a set of large bowl cozies, so I made a couple using the Microwave Bowl Cozy Pattern by Damjana Jakos @applegreencottage. They are the 8" size, and I was happy to use what was left of the fabric my son-in-law had brought back from New York's garment district ten years ago! I had originally made a bag with it, but what was left was perfect for this use as well. We tried them out a couple of nights ago and they were perfect.

So that's it for the little bits of December sewing. It's been a nice breather from the big calendar project, that I really do need to get back to, but probably will wait till Christmas is over. Hope you are finding time for some fun sewing too!


  1. What fun little projects! I like them all, but that little wallet is lovely! We have bowl cozies and use them all the time. I like your fabric choices better than mine, though!

  2. Yours is one of my favorite quilting blogs. You are so talented and the inspiration I find here is wonderful. I'm more of an aspirational sewist and quilter. I don't make enough time to play in my sewing room. Thank you for sharing with us!

    1. awww thanks! That means a lot!! I hope you find a way to create a little more - it really refreshes me!

  3. You are definitely inspirational! Blessings as you continue to create! Merry Christmas!

  4. These look like fun and satisfying projects. The minimalist wallet is lovely and I really love it when all the items come together so well from stash. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!