Tuesday, December 5, 2023

QuiltCon Entries

So yesterday the QuiltCon notifications went out in a flurry of emails! I got two 'not chosen' emails, and then a pause, so I told hubby, "I entered three, so hopefully there's a 'selected' email still coming," and happily I was right. So those that won't be traveling to QuiltCon 2024 are....

Albersesque, my latest Bee Sewcial group quilt, 

and Split Second, which was made for the Windham Artisan Cotton 2024 Challenge.

Duality will be going to QuiltCon, and hang in the Minimalist Design category. With 2342 quilts submitted, the most ever, and just 470 chosen, I'm feeling more than fortunate to have Duality accepted.

A while back Yvonne @quiltingjetgirl shared her QuiltCon entry stats over the years, and I thought I'd like to do that as well. So if you don't mind....

2015 QuiltCon Submissions [0 submitted, 1 accepted] - 1 Modern Quilt Guild Showcase (automatic acceptance due to inclusion in the MQG Showcase)

2016 QuiltCon Submissions [4 submitted, 2 accepted] - 1 Group + 1 Small *group quilt won First Place + small quilt sold*

2017 QuiltCon Submissions [3 submitted, 1 accepted] - 1 Improvisation

2018 QuiltCon Submissions [4 submitted, 1 accepted] - 1 Small

2019 QuiltCon Submissions [5 submitted, 2 accepted] - 1 Group + 1 Small

2020 QuiltCon Submissions [4 submitted, 2 accepted] - 1 Group + 1 Small

2021 QuiltCon Together Submissions [5 submitted, 4 accepted] - 1 Modern Traditional (automatic acceptance when chosen to be included in QuiltCon Magazine) + 1 MQG Modern Classics Special Exhibit + 1 Group + 1 Small 

2022 QuiltCon Submissions [7 submitted, 2 accepted] - 1 Group + 1 Small

2023 QuiltCon Submissions [5 submitted, 3 accepted] - 1 Modern X Challenge + 1 Group + 1 Small *small quilt included in 2023 Selections from QuiltCon special exhibit*

2024 QuiltCon Submissions [3 submitted, 1 accepted] - 1 Minimalism 

Feeling grateful for the opportunity to share my work and see the inspiring work of others, both at QuiltCon and other shows!


  1. Thanks for sharing the stats, that was interesting to see. I'm glad at least one of your three amazing quilts made it in!

  2. Congratulations on having Duality accepted. I can't imagine how hard it must be to be on the jury!

  3. Wonderful, Duality is a great quilt all around; design, piecing, color. Exciting.

  4. Congrats Debbie! So proud of you! Ten years of excellence! Well done!

  5. Yeah, well done! Your quilts are wonderful and they deserved to be accepted.

  6. Congratulations! I'm so happy you'll have a quilt for me to look at in Raleigh! Minimalist too. That's great! Love seeing your statistics. Gosh, I never thought to do that... but I don't think I could recreate mine anyway. I'm just grateful to get A quilt accepted! Best wishes for a QC award!

  7. Congrats! Getting even one in appears to get harder and harder. Though I do not want to be the jury either ;) xo

  8. Congrats on the acceptance. It's fun to see your success over the years. Well done. Merry Christmas!