Wednesday, December 13, 2023

2023 Lined Drawstring Bag Sew Along

I had intended on making a bunch more fabric gift bags during Jeni's @jenib320 annual Lined Drawstring Bag Sew Along, but when I gathered what I already had in our stash (43! See them all here.), I settled on just two. 

First, I'd already begun working on a Simple Patchwork Drawstring Bag from Jeni's Expansion Pattern. It's a Project Bag size, with the exterior pieced from a Flurry Charm Pack Christmas Collection by Ruby Star Society that my daughter Rachel @snippetsofsweetness had tucked in my stocking last Christmas. I used 1/2" cotton twill tape for ties, accented with 3/4" beehive wooden beads purchased from In Color Order.

Then I had to try Jeni's new Peppermint Stripe Lined Drawstring Bag tutorial using red scraps. It's the Everything Bag size, and I think a super cute variation. For ties, I used 3/4" red and white twill tape, which I buy by the roll and keep on hand.

So those two satisfied my urge for this Christmas at least, though I know I'll be making more throughout the year to come. It's what we do. ;-)


  1. The red and white twill tape for the ties on the peppermint strip bag is so perfect!

  2. They turned out really cute! I have a big present to wrap this year with no box - I might have to use a upcycled fabric for a bag. Thanks for the idea!

  3. It's great to have all of these bags made. They're always available when you need to package up a gift. They are all fantastic!

    1. Thanks! Yes! I'm really happy to have them on hand. Now I need to make a stash for non-holiday gifts!

  4. How nice! These are cute. And you already had 43 of them?! Wow. It's great that you use them. I remember back in the late 1990s when my mother and I made Christmas gift bags from Christmas prints. We thought they were great, but everyone else disliked them. "Where's the fun? No paper to tear-up? No bows to toss around? And no Scotch tape to make it hard to get to the present?" Well. So much for that great idea. Ha! I'm happy for you that your family uses them!