Saturday, July 20, 2013

July Bee Blocks

It feels good to have bee blocks done for July as there are some even more crucial end of the month deadlines I need to pay attention to. First up was making one more Starburst Cross block for the June FAITH Circle quilt. This block is by SewCraftyJess, and I'm really liking it! The quilt top layout has been up on my design wall all week, and I'm hoping to get the top and a backing pieced this next week.
Starburst Cross Block #2

For Mid-Century Modern bee, we were asked to make a house block. I thought I could wing it, so I did, though it was kind of fiddly for me. I hope it goes ok with the others in the 'neighborhood.'
House block for MissLuella

The Always Bee Learning Bee is making Sparkle blocks, a pattern by Freshly Pieced. The two blocks were make with identical pieces, just arranged differently, which was very fun to see come together.
Sparkler blocks for Kristina/July

For FAITH Circle's July quilt, we're making Greek Cross blocks. This block pattern is by Fresh Lemons, and I remember using is when I made my Summer Sampler quilt two summers ago. (flashback here!)
Greek Cross blocks Greek Cross blocks

And wouldn't you know, That Stash Bee's July blocks, the Arkanasas Traveler block, was also from the Summer Sampler, another one by Freshly Pieced. Now I have to confess, as lovely as it may be, this first block was a 'loser,' measuring only 12" square when I was done. I had checked the 1" marker on the pattern I printed, and it seemed to be right, but I guess not quiiiiite 1".
Arkansas Traveler block
So I tried again, making sure I did not 'print to fit' and the next 2 blocks each came out a perfect 12 1/2". So beware and always double-check your print settings. This pattern is interesting in that it is a combo of regular piecing (the diamonds) and paper-piecing (the background). 
Ok, those are done. On to grandgirl's flower girl dress(!), a starburst cross quilt, City Sampler blocks, etc. etc. And the list goes on.


  1. How many bees ARE you in?! You are always so productive- love the house and the Arkansas Traveller- sorry it caused you troubles, but glad you were able to fix it!

  2. I love the Starbust Cross block!

    I had the same issue with one of my paper pieced blocks. My one inch mark was just a hair off, but it threw the whole block off. Grrr...

  3. I think your blocks are beautiful. I envy your ability to get so much done. The Arkansas Traveler blocks are so colorful - my faves!

  4. Love my house block, Debbie! Perfect for my neighborhood!

  5. Everything looks fabulous Debbie . Your blocks will be welcome additions to many projects.

  6. You're a wonder, Debbie! I don't know how to do all you do! You're making me feel guilty for not yet making the MCM Bee house block. My excuse is that my Bernina has been at the "garage" for a tune-up for THREE WEEKS now! I cannot believe it takes that long to tune-up a one year old machine. In any case, I've been quilting like crazy on my Pfaff, and not doing a bit of piecing. Love the stuff you've done. For sure!

  7. I love the colors of those Greek cross blocks, that will be a fun quilt. And I think your house looks great!

  8. Nice blocks Debbie. How do you stay up with so many bee blocks every month.

  9. I like to see all of your bee blocks because it´s always an inspiration to me! Most of all I like your house-block, it´s fun with the tree print!

  10. Beautiful blocks! Glad your AK Travelers came out okay in the end! And I can't wait to see your bee's finished Sparkler quilt!

  11. Love all the blocks! Those diamonds are my favorite : )

  12. Yay for getting them all done! I learned recently I need to put a measurement on patterns I issue, or I'll get odd sized bee blocks back (they weren't meant to be 12 1/2" square, which didn't help!) Still, I'm embracing all the improviness of it :oD