Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday at the Table

You know those times when you're eating something and realize that you are actually 'mmmm-ing' under your breath, wiping your mouth with your napkin at each bite? That's where I was a few days ago when hubby and I met up for lunch at a new place in town. Notice I didn't say 'restaurant.' This new venue is, in fact, in a convenience store with inactive gas pumps out front. A very unlikely setting for what was inarguable the best lunch I've had all month.
The Piggyback Deli just may be the smallest deli in town. I had discovered it in our local newspaper's food section, which described "a deli case filled with house-made sausages, hot dogs, bacon, porchetta, pastrami, paté and more."
The well-stocked meat case at Piggyback Deli inside a Lynnwood gas station.
photo courtesy of The Seattle Times

That all sounded terrific, but when I read on about the "real kitchen with a couple of chefs grilling those meats for made-to-order sandwiches," it went right on my mental list of lunch spots to try.

And a week later, when the opportunity presented itself, it did not disappoint. Not by a long shot. Quirky, yes, but welcoming and friendly, and most important of all, mmmm mmmm good.


  1. I do love good, flavourful sausages :o)

  2. Sounds delicious and I really like their sign!

  3. I would like to see more places like that open up around the country. Sounds wonderful!