Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday at the Table

With a "random" table post on my mind for today, yesterday I reached out to other foodies, and at the end of the day had oodles of table tidbits to share!

To start, a few days ago Diane/Random Thoughts...do or "di" posted some figs on Instagram. Then more figs, and before we knew it, she had made a kitchen full of fig jam! Check out her I Be Jammin post for the fig fun and that jam recipe!
photos courtesy of Random Thoughts...do or "di"

Intrigued, Krista/poppyprint succumbed and purchased her first basket of fresh figs.
photo courtesy of poppyprint

Not quite sure what to do with them, she got plenty of tasty suggestions . . .
  • Salad with goat cheese and figs. (Pinterest is full of recipes!)
  • Serve with goat cheese and honey.
  • Cut in half, dip the cut half in sugar, then put on a baking pan cut side up. Put under the broiler until the sugar melts and the figs are all gooey. Serve with goat cheese (of course).
  • Cut a cross in the top and heat in oven till warm. Drizzle with honey and serve over ice cream.
  • And one I found in my bloglovin' feed, Prosciutto & Fig Panini. yum.

Another foodie I've been following is Patrick/House of Carbs (also on facebook). He makes the most delicious sounding donuts and alot of them! It's been fun reading about his current NYC donut tour
Can you have a donut for dessert?
The Chocolate Orange Donut, photo courtesy of House of Carbs

Nothing like passing on a recipe third hand, but that's basically what I'm doing by sharing Jacey/Jaceycraft's granola recipe that she adapted from Ara Jane/you know what I love? Doesn't it look delish? I plan to try it real soon.
Olive oil granola

"Growing up, a meal wasn't a meal unless you had bread. My mother frequently made Butter Dips. I made a batch when our youngest daughter came home from Chicago over Labor Day Weekend. With every bite, I was reminded of the days when my mother would make them for us." So wrote Gina, who obviously connects this recipe with special family times and kindly shared it with us too.

Butter Dips
1/3 c. butter
2 1/4 c. flour
1 T sugar
3 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1 c. milk

Melt butter in oblong pan. Combine ingredients in mixing bowl. Roll out to approximately 1 inch thickness. Cut into strips. Coat in butter in pan. Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes.
photo courtesy of Gina

And lastly, I thought you might enjoy seeing the wedding cake from our friends' wedding last weekend . . . just for fun.
Photo is mine; the cake came from The Cakewalk Shop.


  1. The granola recipe looks like it could be addictive. Must give it a try!

  2. Fun round up :o) Fig confiture was all the rage in Provence this summer, served with goats' cheese and the local air dried ham. I'm not sure what sparked this renaissance, because they've always had figs there, but there ya go!

  3. Thanks Debbie for including me in your feature today. I must try those donuts.

  4. Thanks for including me and Ara Jane, Deb! Thinking about Di's fig jam makes my mouth water!

  5. oh, you definitely need to try that granola! i started making it because a friend brought me a batch a couple of years ago, and it was the best granola i'd ever had. and now whenever i make it everyone asks for the recipe, too! good thing it's so easy to make.

  6. that granola is crazy pants good! i love it!