Friday, March 25, 2022

More Than 50 Days

Back in December, I fully intended to start the year with another 50 Days of Scraps. Things in real life went a little awry since then, but between and through it all, I've managed to continue to sew with scraps when I could; and though we're actually like 84 days into the year - way more than 50 - I'm pretty happy with what I've been able to accomplish.

1. Abstract Piecing Scrap Play - a scrappy slab made during Sherri Lynn Wood's Abstract Piecing Scrap Play workshop. I'm not sure yet if or when this will become something more. But at the time, it was all it needed to be.

2. Two sets of Bee Sewcial blocks....

Circles and Chevrons

3. Inside Out Patchwork Hearts - a baby quilt made during Emily DennisPatchwork Hearts QAL.

4. Lineplay - my submission to the latest Quilt Improv Studio Primary Challenge.

5. The Heart Block potholder - a quick fun make using Louise/@imfeelincrafty's pattern.

6. Yarrow Wristlet - Made from Anna Graham/Noodlehead's pattern.

7. Hour by Hour - a scrappy hourglass quilt that definitely evolved as it went.

8. Workaday - my response to the latest Curated Quilts mini challenge.

9. AND 15 Scrappy Potholders.

Obviously, some stashed yardage went into the making of a few of these projects; but they all were, indeed, made primarily of scraps. So why is my scrap basket still overflowing? That's a very good question, and I'm off now to see what I can do about that.


  1. What a beautiful grouping of projects, and I look forward to seeing what you share next. I do see a nice them of soft curves paired with 90-degree corners (the yarrow wristlet and the potholders exemplify what I am trying to say).

  2. Love all of these projects, but the Workaday and those pot holders are just amazing! And I’m convinced there are scrap gremlins who create more scraps when you aren’t looking! 😀

  3. You have a great bunch of projects so far. I'm loving the yarrow wristlet. I have that pattern just waiting!

  4. Thumbs up! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. scraps multiply all on their own, that's my theory. beautiful finishes using your scraps despite all of the detours you've encountered. I really love Workaday

  6. Oh boy! You don't NEED a 50-day or 100-days of any challenge to get yourself motivated to sew scraps! I can see that you have the initiative to make - all the time, no matter what! Though I've seen some of these finishes before, putting them all together is even more impressive. You really do EXCELLENT work, Debbie. I admire your seeming ease at being able to see the perfect finish from scraps. Such a gift!

  7. Excellent job of using so many scraps!