Thursday, January 12, 2012

52 lists in 52 weeks//week 32 and Some Modern Day Quilts

So there's this week's list. And in catching up on my blogs this morning, I see that Modern Day Quilts is one today. If you are interested in seeing a bunch o'great modern quilts, take a peek at the archive here! I confess it's great to see some of my friends' quilts posted there and, um, one of mine. Oh, and speaking of birthdays, be sure and wish a happy one to Susan of The History Quilter. She posted such a precious post this morning. Wishing her the best.


  1. What podcasts do you listen to? I like so many!

    And wow, that archive of all the quilts featured at modern day quilts is amazing. Lots of inspiration! Congrats again on your feature. :)

    1. fyi, I hunt around for podcasts to listen to, tho my only 'regular' one is Susan's: She loves podcasts & would have some to suggest. Heather - and anyone - please feel free to put your fav podcasts in the comments here

  2. That archive is lovely, nice to see your quilt there, it certainly belongs there.

  3. what quilting podcasts do you listen to? i love listening to podcasts!

  4. i love to listen to quilter in the gap's podcast. Rhonda is hilarious!

  5. The podcasts I listen to (quilty related) are:

    1. Off Kilter Quilt (my fave, I feel like I really "get" Frances)
    2. Katie's Quilting Corner
    3. Quilting for the Rest of Us

    Hmmm, I thought there were more than that but a lot of the other podcasts I listen to are non-quilty.

  6. Oh, also Hip to be a Square, with pam.

    1. Thanks, Heather & Nicke! Appreciate the suggestions you shared for everyone's benefit...

  7. Maybe one day I'll be cool enough to listen to podcasts, but so far that day hasn't come so I have no suggestions, but I'll keep these in mind. So what do you watch on Netflix?

  8. Thanks for posting the archive. So lovely to see all the quilts. Congrats on being one of the chosen!

  9. Oh My wished me Happy Birthday in your post...SO SWEET. :) I already had a wonderful day and you just made it even better - at 10:30pm. Toni is so funny...but I second her question about what you watch on Netflix.

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