Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday at the Table

A few months ago, I shared about the unique Sea Salt Superstore located in my town. I was fortunate enough to find some new salts to try in my stocking this year - thanks Santa! Anyway, we have another unique store that opened up not long ago -
The Root Beer Store!
Now I confess, I'm a Diet Coke girl when it comes to pop/soda/coke/whatever you call it. But it's been fun to take a mixed six-pack to a couple of Christmas gift exchanges. And, when friends came over last week for a casual post-holiday gathering, our easy and fun dessert was - you guessed it! - root beer floats.
Sprecher's Root Beer, shown in front here, is apparently the most popular root beer, nation-wide, according to the store clerk. The Frostie's Vanilla Root Beer, shown on the far right, is the Root Beer Store's most popular product. Who knew?!

We had a fun time choosing a root beer for our personalized floats, and of course, they were all mighty tasty.  See, fun and deliciousness around the table doesn't have to be formal or gourmet. Just gather round, and it's bound to be a good thing.

Root Beer Float
vanilla ice cream
root beer

Spoon a couple of scoops of ice cream into a tall glass. Tip the glass slightly and slowly pour in the root beer, stopping for the foam to subside as necessary, before adding more root beer. We like to serve our floats with a straw . . . and preferably, a long-handled spoon.


  1. My son loves trying different brands and flavors of root beer. There is a bar/restaurant in our town that has a root beer on tap that is so good!

  2. Another fun/specialized food/drink store in your town? Lucky gal! I confess - I'm not a soda drinker and especially not Root Beer but love how you highlight how something as simple as Root Beer with some vanilla ice cream with a straw (and a long handled spoon!) can be a crowd pleaser around your table.

  3. SO fun! We are root beer lovers here. :) Mainly A&W or Mug Root Beer...the ones without caffeine so the kids can enjoy once in a while too!

  4. Root beer STORE?! I'm jealous.

  5. Love root beer especially since most are caffeine free! Haven't had a float in a long time though...we usually make coke floats! What a great gift idea!

  6. Mmmmm Sprecher. Went to the Brewery a couple a weeks ago. They make excellent beer and soda. Glad you are enjoying it all the way in Seattle!

  7. A root beer store? So fun! Wyatt would be amazed. I'm not entirely sure that he's ever had it, but he loves telling me that he is old enough to drink beer...root beer! He thinks that's hilarious. How fun to have a root beer tasting, too! The floats look delicious!