Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Yet Again

It only seems fair to report back on the starching and folding/rolling topics from last week:

Starching: Yes-7, No-6. Those that do it swear by it. I may just have to give it a try . . . in fact I bought a can today.
Folding vs. rolling: Folding-6, Rolling-2, and Flat-1. So I'm with the majority here.
Thanks to all of you who shared in the comments!

In other randomness . . .
Do you know about Bing Translator? Every once in a while I get a comment that isn't already translated. I got one earlier this week, and went straight to, copied in the comment, and voila! Instant translation. I had a clue, but I didn't even need to know what language Elena's comment was in.

There were a couple of posts by Rachel over at Stitched in Color this week that I found especially interesting - one on the history of those scrappy x and + blocks some of us are obsessed with, and one on  how to hang a mini quilt. I think I'll be trying her casing method next time around.

I got my first block in the Solstice Stars Series done, and am really glad I decided to dig into my DS stash for these. Very fun.

And speaking of fun - my mom was "snowed in" with us this week, and what a treat it was to have her doing all the pressing as I stitched away on a variety of projects. A long-time encourager, I think she enjoyed being a part of the quilty action. And I can thank her for helping me settle on fabric choices for the Sparkle QAL.
So getting that cut out is one of my goals for Friday Night Sew-In. Later!


  1. Ooh, I'd love to have my mom here for pressing help! Love your Sparkle picks.

  2. Moms help their family in any way possible. It is one way of being a part of Debbie's passion. Never know how I might be given a "thank you" of a quilted piece.

  3. Aww, man, I'd love my mum to be pressing sewy things for me too! Love that block :o)

  4. Love the Solstice stars! :) Sounds like a great quilt along, makes me wish I had more time to sew.... but my extra time is focused lately on one big event haha <3

  5. Google translator works wonders too! Amazing!

  6. Nice Solstice stars - those HSTs are so versatile!
    I can't wait to see your Sparkle Punch quilt.
    Let me know how you find the starching.

  7. thank heavens for google translator right! cute block. i should be sewing but i am blog surfing instead! ;)

  8. Love the star block, I am planning on having a go this weekend. Your mum doesn't want to visit the uk and help with my pressing ? ;)

  9. The block is gorgeous and the fabrics look great!
    I'm a fan of google translate too, helps when leaving comments on other people's blogs as well!