Friday, January 13, 2012


While the (seemingly) rest of blog land is caught up in swooning-along, I thought I'd join Jeni of In Color Order and Megan of Canoe Ridge Creations in their Sparkle Quilt-Along. I like that they are giving fabric requirements for a variety of sizes. I'll most likely be doing the mini, and am thinking of pulling out some of my Terrain fq for the occasion.

I was also excited to see Faith of Fresh Lemons tell about a series of quilt block tutorials she's starting, called Solstice Stars. These look like cool stars to have in our repertoire, no? Faith will post the tutorials on Wednesdays, January 18 through February 15.
Solstice Stars Series

There have also been a couple of posts that made me curious about what you do - one about storing quilts, here at Tallgrass Prairie Studio, and the other about spray starch at Amy's Creative Side. I'll be up front and say that mostly I fold my quilts when not in use, and I do not routinely spray starch anything. I would find any discussion on either of these topics very interesting. (And, surprise to me, my buddy Heather of Crafting . . . is being featured over at Amy's today. Do check it out here!)

Daughter dear shared with me a way you can see what from your blog has been pinned on Pinterest. 
Here is my code - 
- basically, substitute your blog's name for mine.

Lastly, do you ever have pre-cuts languishing in your stash, not sure what you should/could do with them? I've been thinking about creating a list of patterns that are pre-cut-friendly. Feel free to mention any patterns you know of that would be perfect for charm packs, jelly-rolls, etc. I'll compile our joint offerings and post the list next week.

Enough randomness for one morning - hope you have a great day!


  1. I usually fold my quilts when time to pick them up, and I don't starch anything either! I don't want any extra steps! Very interested in solstice stars, I really want to make the second one!

  2. The Sparkle Quilt looks like fun! What, you don't want to make another Swoon with the rest of blogland? ;) I'm a quilt folder, but I don't have many at home, so they're usually unfolded and in use. And I starch the ever-loving-heck out of most blocks.

  3. I LOVE Faith's stars and can't wait for the tutorials and I am considering joining in on the sparkle qal, but the way my WIP list looks now and that promise to myself to narrow it down...I'm not sure.

  4. I so fold my quilts. I know I should roll them, but so far don't have the right shelf to store them. I do fold them differently each time I put them away. This year I am folding everything in thirds!

    I love to work w/ starched fabric. I don't starch till I'm ready for a project (to discourage moths), but, of course, their are a lot of starched leftovers in my stash... i use StayFlo starch from the big jug, mixed w/ water, in the Niagra spray bottle. I haven't tried Best Press-afaid I might like it too much.

  5. Pretty much as noted on Amy's blog. Starched fabric presses out really well, has a lot of body, cuts accurately, and doesn't fray as much. The nice, stiff points go through the machine well, and starched backings glide a little better for FMQ. All good, then it washes out in the end!

    1. Really appreciate you telling us more! Thanks!

  6. So sweet of you to give me a shout out. :)

    All of the quilts that I've made that have stayed in our house are bed quilts, so no need to be folded. The Chrysalis quilt I'm making, and also the Sparkle quilt in the works will be throw quilts for our living room and they will get a lot of use I'm sure, so no folding will be necessary!

    I've never used starch but have wondered about it. So far I haven't felt that I've needed it but who knows, if i tried I might wonder how I ever lived with out it. Not rushing to try though.

    Pre-cuts....I don't have too many and when I do, I usually plan what to do with them right away (ie. the Chrysalis and the Sparkle). I'll be curious to see what kinds of responses you get though.

  7. Oh, and intersting about Pinterest! I don't do pinterest but I plugged my info in and wow, I've been pinned quite a lot!

    A sort of related question that I wonder about...when I check my "stats" in blogger I see that my own blog is the 6th highest in the list of "referring URLs". I don't get that!

  8. And one by Elizabeth (Don't Call Me Betsy) that uses just 1 charm pack and 1yd of solid.

    Sweet Girlie Charm Square Quilt

  9. I'd love a list of precut patterns! I have several that need a quilty home.

    I'm excited about the Sparkle quilt-along too! Not sure what fabric to use.

    I use starch often. My bottle is empty at the moment, and I miss it! It makes everything so crisp and makes pressing a little easier.

  10. Debbie, I love how you keep me informed on what's going on! And thank you for the tip on finding out who's pinning your stuff.

    BTW - I started laying quilts flat on an unused guest bed, until we had guests at Christmas and then I folded them up and haven't put them back. And yes, I starch everything. Couldn't sew without it!

  11. I love the randomness!
    How interesting to see the pinterest info -- thanks for sharing that! I have "applied" to Pinterest but haven't received my invitation yet -- it's driving me crazy!
    I'm planning to do Faith's stars and the Sparkle quilt along too -- they look amazing, I can't resist!

  12. I saw the Sparkle QAL and have thought it may be good for later and the stars look lovely and I hope to make some as she goes. Rolling seems like a great idea but there are no extra quilts yet in my life. And I don't like spraying stuff but a lot of people swear by starch, especially when you have bias cuts. Enjoy your weekend.

  13. I am considering doing the mini Sparkle. Not sure what fabrics exactly. Possibly something to my boyfriend's liking. The last mini I made for decor had too many pastel colors in it for him.

    I'm a roller for no specific reason. I haven't starched anything yet and don't have too much of an issue with bias edges because I treat them gently.

  14. Love your Randomness! Love those two QA's you are participating in - I agree that the blocks in the Solstice Stars look like great blocks to add to our education. I see some paper piecing in your future...still need to tackle that myself. I'm with Leanne - I have no extra quilts in my life. Jason's quilt is rolled up in a ball on his bed most of the time - does that count? As for starch I have yet to attempt starch of any kind on fabric - don't know where to begin.

  15. I fold or roll depending on my mood. Although most everything I finish is gifted right away. My big kaleidoscope quilt is always wadded up on the couch or on my bed, wherever I fall asleep, lol. As for starch, I can't live without it. I used to think "who needs that" but it's so cheap, smells lovely, and makes my fabric stiffer, thinker, and glide through the machine much easier. It also totally eliminates really ingrained fold lines in fat quarters (or any size fabric piece) which I love, because I'm OCD and need my fabric FLAT! I use Magic Sizing which I find in the laundry soap eisle at Walmart.

  16. I fold and am on the fence when it comes to starch! I am really looking forward to the Faiths Solstice stars and thanks for the pinterest info :)

  17. I don't know why, but I love random posts. Maybe because that's how my mind is always working? Most of our extra quilts are folded, or draped over a quilt rack, which I guess still requires a bit of folding. Seems like 2 or 3 wips is about all I can handle, so I won't be joining in the QALs until I get something finished. And I just recently started starching some things and love it. I starched the bee blocks I've been making and I really think it helps with my accuracy. I have a tendency to not be as gentle as I should, so every bit helps!

  18. Best blog read this morning! So much fun and information here! Thanks for clueing us in on the "randomness"!

  19. thanks for the pinterest code, that is so awesome! i am SO not tech savvy...

  20. But that's very good random! I'm off to visit some of those links =). And I agree that Faith's stars look interesting.