Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Participants in Yvonne's @quiltingjetgirl 2023 Planning Party are encouraged to do periodic check-ins, and it's time to review the third quarter. So here's a review of my goals from back in December. Note my current status/notes are in bold italics.

The Quilts

  • More stash-busting and scrap-using is definitely in order. In fact, I'm considering starting 100 Days of Scraps (or maybe I already have??), since I enjoyed my 50 so much this year. AND my scrap basket is truly overflowing. Again. My 100 Day Project100 Days of Scraps, was completed on June 1. Then in July, I joined the Mini Plaid-ish Quiltalong, so that used up a LOT more scraps. No worries, I still have plenty. 
  • There's one quilt WIP that I'm still working on finishing - the hand-pieced bowtie quilt begun in the 100 Day Summer Sewalong. I finished it! Every stitch of Bow Ties was pieced, quilted, and bound by hand. It took me over two years to finish, and it feels very very good to finally have it completed.

  • The goal of at least one finished quilt project a month continues to encourage me along, so I plan to continue with that. I really think I want to continue to go with the flow, though, about what those quilts might be.... whatever brings me joy in the moment would be my preference, and discovering what that might be is a big part of the fun. I'm still on track with at least one quilt finish a month, deciding as I go along what those might be. Below, One More Time saved project scraps from ever hitting the scrap basket; and In the Moment was created through participating in the #30DaysOfImprovQAL.

  • Bee Sewcial, an improv and solid-only bee, is heading into our 9th(!) year together and I'm up again to offer a prompt come spring. I have pieced this year's Albersesque quilt top and a backing is in the works.
  • I actually started in on creating a trio of quilted liturgical wall hangings for our church. I know the basic colors and themes, but no specific design ideas yet. This project will take some dedicated focus. This goal was added is my Q2 check-in, and it's actually happening! If you missed my A Different Kind of Calendar post, it shares the scope of the project. I'm about two-thirds done piecing the triptych but there's still lots to be done.
  • A new project on the list is a smallish quilt for the Women of the ELCA Twelfth Triennial Convention in September. I have a rough idea, and the beginnings of a fabric pull. I'll share more as I make some progress. This project was also added in my Q2 check-in, and happily, I finished Both Sides Now, and submitted it to the quilt challenge.

  • Plus I have a new project I plan to start in January - stitching a 2023 Gingiber tea towel along with Jen @stitchalongwithjen. And I do have a nearly finished cross-stitch project to work on too. I don't think I've touched the tea towel since Q2. Other handwork (including the Bow Tie quilt) have kept my focus.
  • I expect I'll continue to stitch the occasional Dropcloth Sampler, and have one in my 'to do' pile, as well as seeing what else new comes up. Since Q2, I finished the Log Cabin sampler, a Pencil sampler, and am currently stitching a second Pencil.
  • And I hope to hand-quilt that bow tie quilt, since it's all hand-stitched so far. It goes in and out of priority, and I guess that's ok too. As I mentioned before, it's done!

The Community
  • Regular, frequent posting on the blog here and on InstagramStill wishing I could master reels, but that takes some focus I haven't yet given it. Maybe it'll happen. I'm still averaging 2-3 blog posts a week, and posting most days on Instagram. 
  • I'll take The Scrap Basket into its 8th year, and monthly editions seem to make sense for the time being. This plan has gone pretty well and I hope to continue monthly publications.
  • Bee Sewcial has a new website, and I'm hoping to help with that this year, with updates, etc. Haven't done anything new, but I'm up for it as needed.
  • I was recently selected as an Aurifil Artisan for a second year. I've participated in monthly challenges during July, August, and September even as I continue to use a wide range of Aurifil threads in all of my projects. Specifically, I've been stitching my sampler embroidery with Aurifil 12wt rather than perle cotton, and I'm really enjoying it.

  • I'm probably not going to make it to QuiltCon in Atlanta, but just shipped off three of my quilts going in my place, which I'm grateful for. Nothing new to report for QuiltCon 2024.

So that's it for now. I know a lot of the check-in process is repetitious, since they keep referring back to my goals stated last December. But it's still good, I think, to be reminded of those goals. I'm feeling good about what I've accomplished so far, and there's still another quarter left to create. So back to it!

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  1. I love all this thoughtful planning, really it's how things get done. You could do a tutorial just on that theme, which is what this post is kind of.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that you have added to the list throughout the year and have made such great, consistent progress on all your goals throughout!

  3. Feels like you picked the words right out of my brain. Yes, it might read "repetitive" with the goals of course being moved over. But I think it is a great tool to keep at it and not loose sight of them and then the end of the year would roll by and you'd have forgotten to focus on your goals.... And your last quarter sounds like good progress to me. A lot of finishes, progress on the exciting new calendar. Enjoy your last quarter! xo

  4. It's always good - and a little overwhelming to me! - to see everything you've been making and finishing. You're SO good about finishing. (Note to self: Must do better about finishing!)